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IT Services


Information technology is the backbone of businesses in today‚Äôs fast paced world. Managing the various IT services effectively is becoming a challenging task. We offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional staffing services by providing IT services/projectswith unparalleled value, cost-effectiveness and predictable outcomes. With the beginning of a project, we consider all solution dimensions. We assess technical infrastructure, both as it is and as it is envisioned; examine the development environment; consider the staff’s skills; enumerate integration points and interfaces; and identify opportunities for reuse. We consider it all to provide customers with a truly holistic solution.

KK Associates offerings are clearly captured in our philosophy: “Leading Business through technology”. We have a proven history as implementers and integrators who can adeptly assemble the puzzle.When it’s time to design the technical solution, we get practical. Following our own formal processes and industry standards, we develop solutions that leverage our hands-on technology experience-we know what works, and what doesn’t.By taking ownership for outcomes, our IT services leverage our IT talent management expertise to deliver measurable business outcomes for the clients.